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Generator Synchronization

Accusonic is a leader in the field of independent providers of generator synchronization solutions.

Accusonic has provided a number of innovative solutions to its customers like Synchronization between generators, Diesel and gas-based generators, and synchronization with main power.

Generator Synchronization

The use of several generators makes it possible to supply a varying load without piling up costly units or spending too much on a big generator whose full capacity is rarely used. Generators can be added gradually as demand increases. Accusonic has helped many businesses save on the costs of buying heavy generator systems.


  • Automatic transfer of power between mains & emergency sources
  • Load dependent start/stop of generators
  • Recording of event history
  • Power Management
  • Complete unmanned operation
  • Very long time between maintenance
Generator Synchronization


Generator Synchronization
Generator Synchronization

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Generator Synchronization

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